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The Golden Boy: A Short Story of Insanity

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A passionate love affair takes a turn for the worse when when a mentally ill husband tests his family's love. His wife and children reach their limits of patience and understanding. When can the vow of in sickness and health be broken? Sometimes the answer to prayer is much different than what was hoped for. From the Atlas of Women Short Story Anthology

From Award Winning & USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins.

Tribute to a Dead Friend: A Short Story

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Friendship between women lasts forever, sometimes gently inspiring us beyond the grave. In this short story, a chance meeting at a retreat forges a relationship shortly before a harrowing time in Julie's life begins. It's what happens afterward, after her death that makes the greatest impact, and the best legacy in Julie's memory.

Mixed: Short Story

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Thinking her life was ruined after her boyfriend left for another, a chance encounter brings two people together in a quest for safety, freedom, and love.

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