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Explore Suzanne Jenkins Fiction - New Series Added

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Cypress Cove

secret royalty.jpg

The Witches Academy

four girls.jpg

Girls in the City

Pam of Babylon Ebook.jpg

Pam of Babylon

Book One.jpg

Perfect For Him Series

Savant PB.jpg

The Savant of Chelsea

Special Delivery.jpg
Cover of the month 1st winner (1).png

The Saints of San Diego

Book Two.jpg

Bittersweets Series

Short Prequel.jpg

Science Fiction

Book One.jpg

The Greektown Stories

Book 1.jpg

Atlas of Women Series

Jade Emperor.jpg

Stand Alone

Sweet and Sassy set 1.png

Sweet & Sassy Anthologies


Box Set Collections


Irresistible Romance Series Sets

A Wedding She'll Remember.png
Unforgettable Thrills.png

She'll Remember Anthologies

Book 12.jpg

Book Bites

Unforgettable Anthologies


Hot Hunks

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