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Four Girls and a Guy (Girls in the City Book 1)

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What happens to their secrets when five friends who attend the University of Chicago move in together? You'll find out in this prequel to the Girls in the City Series.

Alison Saint decided she couldn’t tolerate dorm life any longer and rented a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. She’s invited three friends to share the space in this introduction to the Girls in the City series. Edwin shows up later when Laura moves out.

Edwin is just a random guy from school, but he soon falls in love with Alison who’s keeping a secret from her family, and once hers is out, he’ll be free to share his feelings. But he also has a secret he’s been carrying around since he was a teen.

Laura, a criminal justice major, makes ends meet by taking cash from the guys she dates. Then, she finally learns who her birth father is and moves to Manhattan after college graduation to search for him. How much will her life change when she discovers he is one of the wealthiest men in the country?

Joan has one goal after law school, and that’s to join the largest criminal defense firm in the Mid Atlantic as soon as she passes the bar. One misstep however, a deputy from the DA’s office in Philadelphia is in love with her and she’s worried being on opposite sides of the aisle might not be beneficial when it comes time to apply for that job. Will that be enough to stop her from falling for him?

Samantha Karas, medical student, works at the local Greek bakery part time and when the owner’s brother comes from the old country, the chemistry between her and the older man is sizzling. The problem; a one nightstand which occurred months before has the potential be a tinderbox.

Meet Alison Saint from the Saints of San Diego, Laura Long from Pam of Babylon, Samantha Karas from the Greektown Stories, and Joan Greenway from Bittersweets.
Come along as five friends graduating from college embark on the next crazy stage of love and life.

My Everyday Hero - Eddie


The seniors at Broken Arrow Retirement Center love their resident doctor, Eddie Kovack. After developing a close relationship with father-figure Max King, an octogenarian who confides that he's been estranged from his daughter for ten years, Eddie makes it his goal to find her. Right before Christmas, success! Zoe King is ready to mend the broken ties to her father with the handsome doctor guiding each step.

An athletic director, a doctor, a construction worker, a CI Army agent, a rancher, an engineer, and a military pilot are all leading a somewhat normal life. So what do these seven men have in common? They are your average man going about their day until something out of the ordinary happens in front of them. To the victims, the strangers, and their loved ones, they went from an everyday man to an everyday hero!

Girls in the City: Alison

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After medical school, Alison Saint lands the coveted surgical residency at her father’s alma mater in San Diego, but it means saying goodbye to Eddie for good. The first week in the OR, she catches the eye of Rich Mortimer, hunky chief resident. She doesn’t want to start anything with him though because that transition she’s longing for is in the plan. But her heart has other ideas. What’s in store for Alison Saint?

Girls in the City: Joan


Girls in the City: Samantha



Girls in the City: Laura



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