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A New Order (Witches Academy Series Book 1)

New Order #1.jpg

Harnessing her powers as a witch was easy, being the princess of the New Order was something no academy or amount of training could have prepared her for.

Cinnabar (Cinn) Knight understood that her parents and her aunts and uncles were the glue that held the collective order in place. Growing up, she accepted she was different, but she had no idea how special, or how powerful she’d become. Not only that but no matter how much training she’d received, she was ill-prepared to become the princess of the New Order. Worse, that her prince, Axel Grove, the arrogant bodyguard assigned to keep her safe from the Elite Brotherhood and those who wanted to the balance of psychic power to fall in the wrong hands, thought she wasn’t capable. As a matter of fact, he believed she was nothing but a spoiled witch who didn’t have what it took to lead the New Order into the future and beyond.

Passionate Vision (Witches Academy Book 2)

Passionate Vision #2.jpg

Claire Snow hasn’t always been accepting of her inherited gift. Feelings of being different have forced her to live her life alone and minimize any human contact. She’s found her passion and that is all she really wants to focus on. If only she could get control of her powers enough to let her enjoy it.

Holden Montgomery doesn’t want his inheritance with the strings attached to it. What he wants is to be accepted for who he is. He wants to make his own decisions in life and his own career. He takes time away to focus on what he needs to do to succeed and finds a little help from a mysterious woman he met in the woods.

Can this witch help Holden find his focus to follow his dreams?

Seer of Evil (Witches Academy Book 3)

Seer #3.jpg

After six years...

...he left her with only a broken heart.

Was it all because of the dreams?

The case is gruesome. Her nightmares are worse. If she doesn't get the killer, her life might just spiral out of control.

What's Maura's next move?

It has taken years for Times Picayune Investigative Reporter Maura Robichard to understand her magic, psychic powers, and highly evolved intuition. Generally, these gifts help her solve cases and get to the truth. But Maura has also discovered her powers can torment, injure, and take her to the brink of death if she's not careful.

Secret Royalty (Witches Academy Series Book 4)

secret royalty.jpg

When a certified letter from England and an invitation to attend a special night class at the Witches Academy of Sorcery came on the same day, waitress Eden Aubrielle discovers her humdrum life might get a little more exciting.

Kitchen Magic (Witches Academy Book 5)

Kitchen Magic #5.jpg

Muriel Bright, America’s latest foodie channel sweetheart, is a real charmer who’s always discovering new uses for her magic outside the kitchen.

Muriel has plenty of experience using her skills as a healer, cooking up comfort and well-being one delicious treat at a time. When there’s a murder behind the scenes at her top-rated cooking show, Muriel has no choice but to draw on her other extraordinary talents. As Muriel takes up sleuthing, she finds that her abilities are quickly put to the test.

Despite what the detective assigned to the case may believe, this is no ordinary murder. Powerful forces are at work, and Muriel is determined to oppose them. As a graduate of the Witches Academy, Muriel is a force to be reckoned with, and it's her calling to keep the darkness at bay. After getting to know the attractive detective better, Muriel would also like to keep him alive. In order to do that, Muriel gives a whole new meaning to the use of smoke and mirrors as she relies on them to deceive some and reveal the truth to others. Can she solve the murder and stop the killing without tipping her hand to the police?

Endangered Spells (Witches Academy Series Book 6)

Endangered #6.jpg

Sometimes Magic Can Be Complicated

What happens when a beautiful and talented witch refuses to use her powers?

Even as a child, Gillian could perform magic far better than most people. Her spells swayed teachers, nabbing boyfriends was a piece of cake, and she had the added ability to foresee events, good or bad. But when one of her spells causes a near-death and a future forecast completely rocks her entire world, she steps away from magic––until her friend’s murder slams her back into the game…and straight into a detective’s arms.

Wickless (Witches Academy Series Book 7)

Wickless #7.jpg

Weaving her magic shouldn’t feel this wrong.

Arianna Nolan thought she’d designed the perfect life. Here she was, a witch casting her spell over New York City. Her creations gaining international attention on the famed Fashion Week runways.

When a rival meddles with her magic, she must stitch her life back together.

Forced to return home, Arianna must confront her past. She's afraid to get burned by a flame that still flickers.

Enchantress (Witches Academy Series Book 8)

Enchantress #8.jpg

The Intoxicating Pheromone Of Enchantress Bends Men To Their Knees, So How Will Ariella Recognize Her Mate When So Many Men Are Powerless To Resist?


Witches Academy graduate Ariella Cappella needs to find her one and only mate before her next birthday. Now that the time has come, Ariella has only been provided with one single clue by the family matriarch; he resides in the town of Crystal Rock, Wisconsin.


Unfortunately, the intoxicating pheromone of Enchantress bends men to their knees, so how will she ever recognize her mate when so many men are powerless to resist?


FBI Agent Birch Delveaux has always avoided beautiful woman. But when he meets the mysterious Ariella Capella while trying to solve a murder, he’s instantly drawn to her, despite learning that Ariella was acquainted with the victim.


Ariella has less than a year to uncover her mate’s identity, because if she fails to consummate the relationship before her twenty-sixth birthday, she’ll lose all her powers.


Although she immediately senses she’s met her match, she refuses to believe that the rude and arrogant Birch Delveaux is the man she’s supposed to share her life with – he’s accused her of murder! While working together to solve the crime, Ariella begins to see the real man beneath the gruff façade.


But little do they know, there’s a dark force at work, who’s trying to alter Ariella’s fate. Can they discover who’s responsible for trying to alter their destiny?

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