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Bayou Cottage (Cypress Cove Book 1)

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Maggie Angel accepts a chance of a lifetime when her aunt offers her the family’s dilapidated Bayou Cottage in the swamp at Cypress Cove. It’s the perfect place to run away to after her heart was broken.

The first night while she’s down at the road to lock the gate, a hunky guy on horseback steps out of the woods, but Maggie doesn’t recognize him. Turns out they were childhood playmates long ago during winter visits to her grandparents’ cottage.

Justin Chastain, local vet and wild horse advocate, heard through the grapevine that Maggie had returned to Cypress Cove and wanted to see her for himself. But he didn’t know that she was hiding from a failed marriage, leaving her with a big chip on her shoulder. It remains to be seen if she can ever trust again.

The chemistry Maggie senses fluctuates between lukewarm and molten, but for Justin, it’s constant and he’s falling in love, hard.

Then he unintentionally commits a blunder that Maggie will struggle to forgive, and they have to start all over again.

Is there another chance at love for Maggie Angel?

Bayou Christmas (Cypress Cove Book 2)

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She’ll do just about anything to please him. Maggie Angel doesn’t want the fuss of a tree and all the chaos of Christmas. But she’ll let Justin have what he wants. Then she gets on an extension ladder to decorate a tall live tree at her dock when he’s not around and he isn’t thrilled, continuing the conflict of Maggie and Justin battling wills. A mother dog and her pups found under Bayou Cottage gives Maggie an idea that will ultimately bring the community together on her behalf after she takes a boat ride in the fog. In the end, a wonderful surprise brings them the joy of Christmas.

Bayou Mardi Gras (Cypress Cove Book 3)

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Bayou Cottage is getting a reputation for being a place where couples fall in love. When Maggie Angel’s friend Katrina, visits Cypress Cove during Mardi Gras, her intention is to get a little R & R. But a fisherman’s boat runs aground near Maggie’s dock and his presence changes everything for Katrina when romance is added to that rest and relaxation.

Bayou Christmas (Cypress Cove Book 2)

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When Maggie Angel makes a discovery under Bayou Cottage, it might change her life if she lets it. What does a mother dog, her six pups and a handsome veterinarian have in common? Maggie’s heart will bring them together.

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