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After Hurricane Nina, Jason's Resolution (Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection Book 3)

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On November 30, 2016, Hurricane Nina hit Bali, Indonesia. Eight Strangers. Eight Unique Stories. All Stand-alone Novels.

In the aftermath of death and destruction, eight strong sexy men will realize it’s time for a change in their lives. A resolution of sorts. A contractor, personal trainer, a millionaire, a stuntman, a rock star, a thrill-seeker, an army veteran, and a trust fund prodigal will all find a way to conquer their loss and learn to love. This is Jason’s story.

After his parents are killed, Jason Harrison, family icon, leads their business to success until his playboy reputation gets him banned. But it’s a blessing in disguise, when he takes the advice of a homeless man who just happens to have his father’s voice.

All books in After Hurricane Nina—Hot Hunks-Steamy Romance Collection:

Natalie Ann- Reed’s Resolution
Angela Stevens- Nolan’s Resolution
Suzanne Jenkins- Jason’s Resolution
Alicia Street- Kip’s Resolution
Katie O’Sullivan- Quinn’s Resolution
Stephanie Morris- Leland’s Resolution
Nicole Morgan- Hayden’s Resolution
Tamara Ferguson- Rand’s Resolution

Hot Hunks - Joey's Christmas Miracle: Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection (Holiday Hunks)


Finding Mrs. Right took Joey Saint longer than it took any of the other men in his firefighter family. When he finally decided to let Candy Jones into his life, their picture perfect romance turned out to be the envy of everyone in their circle.
One thing was missing however, and it would take a miracle to fulfill that dream.

Seven USA Today bestselling and award winning authors come together to give you Holiday Hunks, the next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection

A helicopter pilot with a decision to make, a cowboy working on his best roundup yet, a dancer faced with a dilemma, a hockey player's surprise, a roping rodeo star's ultimatum, a fireman's miracle, and a billionaire's wish. What do these seven hunks all have in common? They are spending the holidays with family and friends where each and every one has a life-changing event. Read along and watch these seven hotties meet their match, fall in love, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Holiday Hunks

Natalie Ann- Jake's Christmas Decision
Angela Stevens- Miles' Christmas Roundup
Alicia Street -Finn's Christmas Dilemma
Katie O'Sullivan- Brendan's Christmas Surprise
Stephanie Morris- Dalton's Christmas Ultimatum
Suzanne Jenkins- Joey's Christmas Miracle
Tamara Ferugson- Nick's Christmas Wish

Hot Hunks - Marty's Blind Date Mystery (Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection Book 7)


Eight Blind Date books by the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection. Marty's Blind Date Mystery

Marty Saint is the baby of the Saint family's six boys. He's attending the fire academy like the men in his family before him. And the women in his family all think he needs a girlfriend. When he finally agrees, they take turns setting him up with their available friends. The only catch? One of the women reminds him of someone from his past.

Whether it's an unexpected discovery, a curveball thrown your way, an explosive situation to defuse, a seduction on the horizon, a developing experiment, a dilemma to work out, a mystery to solve, or a debacle in the making. These eight blind dates by eight authors have one thing in common. Hot hunks finding their ladies!

The next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection brings you swoon-worthy blind dates to make your pulse race, your body tingle, and your heart sing for more!

Natalie Ann- Grey's Blind Date Discovery - Book 1
Angela Stevens- Logan's Blind Date Curveball - Book 2
Jen Talty- Cove's Blind Date Blows Up - Book 3
Stephanie Morris- Kyler's Blind Date Seduction- Book 4
Alicia Street- Tyler's Blind Date Experiment - Book 5
Katie O'Sullivan- Ed's Blind Date Dilemma - Book 6
Suzanne Jenkins - Marty's Blind Date Mystery- Book 7
Tamara Ferguson- Jack's Blind Date Debacle- Book 8

My Everyday Hero - Eddie (Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection Book 2)


Book 2 of 7 of Hot Hunks Everyday Heroes
The seniors at Broken Arrow Retirement Center love their resident doctor, Eddie Kovack. After developing a close relationship with father-figure Max King, an octogenarian who confides that he's been estranged from his daughter for ten years, Eddie makes it his goal to find her. Right before Christmas, success! Zoe King is ready to mend the broken ties to her father with the handsome doctor guiding each step.

An athletic director, a doctor, a construction worker, a CI Army agent, a rancher, an engineer, and a military pilot are all leading a somewhat normal life. So what do these seven men have in common? They are your average man going about their day until something out of the ordinary happens in front of them. To the victims, the strangers, and their loved ones, they went from an everyday man to an everyday hero!

Follow along with the next edition of our Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection...My Everyday Hero!

Natalie Ann USA Today Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero- Colin (Book 1)
Suzanne Jenkins USA Today Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero- Eddie (Book 2)
Katie O'Sullivan- Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero- Logan (Book 3)
Jen Talty- USA Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero- Ledger (Book 4)
Angela Stevens- Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero- Caleb (Book 5)
Stephanie Morris- USA Today Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero- Braxton (Book 6)
Tamara Ferguson- USA Today Bestselling Author- My Everyday Hero - Sam (Book 7)

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