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First Sight - When Pam Met Jack:

A Short Story Prequel to Pam of Babylon #1

The prequel to Pam of Babylon! A Pam of Babylon Short Story. Do you believe in love at first sight? Jack told Pam the first time they met that she would be his wife and the mother of his children. Although her inner voice told her to run, she was lured into his web by his looks, his spiel, and his money, although she'd deny that. Jack was her ticket out of Brooklyn. 

Beautiful Heartbreaker:

A Pam of Babylon Novella

Beautiful Heartbreaker-Novella.jpg

“Don’t look now, but Jack Smith is right behind you,” Marian whispered. A flush of pleasure cruised through Genevieve’s body, but later, she thought it might have been a warning. 

The years of Jack Smith’s coming of age occurred during the best and worst times in Manhattan's history. The son of Upper West Side elitists, raised with the best of everything, one secret aspect of his childhood set him apart from others in his class. 

Beautiful Heartbreaker tells the story of Jack’s transformation from a young, innocent boy to a larger than life icon who took the city by storm. 

For followers of Pam of Babylon, Beautiful Heartbreaker fills in some of the blanks his death left unanswered. Will the mystery of Jack ever be unlocked?

We're Just Friends:

Short Story Prequel to Pam Of Babylon #8

prequel 8.jpg

A short story to to fill in details after Book #7 In Memoriam and before Book #8 Soulmates. Events occur that the reader may want to know about,but Jason and Sandra do their best to keep hidden.

Julie HSU:

Short Story Prequel to Pam Of Babylon #10

Prequel 10.jpg

Julie Hsu comes back on the scene at the end of Save the Date, Book #9. Brent Smith was the love of her life from the age of 16, but it their relationship couldn't survive the damage which surfaced after Jack died. Julie has one goal now-can you guess? Contains spoilers for those who haven't read Book #9.

Gladys & Ed's Big Adventure:

Short Story Prequel to Pam Of Babylon #14

Short Story Preqeul to 14.jpg

In an effort to save their marriage, Big Ed makes arrangements for the couple to join Pam’s new husband, Randy Braddock on a journey to the Australian Outback. They’ll be part of the team on National Geographic’s Adventure Trek, which Randy hosts. 

From the moment their plane takes off from JFK, they experience one disaster after another in this prequel to Pam of Babylon #14.

But more than comedy and angst, Gladys and Big Ed begin the healing process they had ignored, grieving for their dead son, Lisa Smith Ford Chua’s late husband, Ed. 

As Gladys said in Pam #13, 
“Whoever said an old marriage was impervious was dead wrong. It’s the most fragile of all.” 

Hopefully, the trip will help propel Gladys and Big Ed toward healing and reconciliation on the roller-coaster that is marriage. 

When I Was Young: Short Story Epilogue to Pam Of  Babylon #14 

Short Epilogue 14.jpg

The day after Pam's fun and fabulous July 4th party, Ryan Maddox discovered a sleeping body in a lounge chair under the cabana on the dune. Further investigation revealed who. A confession over coffee proved once again that you never really know those who are closest to you, what their secrets are, their heartaches. And especially for older people, the ravages of time may take its toll on the body, but it's just a facade. Passion and inner beauty never grow old.

Dear Love, From Pam - A Pam of Babylon Short Story: The Precursor to Portrait of Marriage

Precursor To Portrait of Marraige 18.jpg

In Dear Love, From Pam, readers hear directly from Pam in an epistolary story, as she tries to make sense of her world that is slowly turning upside down again. May be read as a prologue to Portrait of Marriage. Readers received the letter as a special gift for their support, and it’s now available for the first time on Amazon.

Return to the Beach: The Epilogue to Pam of Babylon #17: A Pam of Babylon Novelette

Epilogue 17.jpg

As Memorial Day approaches, and Pam's famous party preparations move forward, life at the beach reaches a crazy crescendo. It's been seven years since Jack died, and he still has a powerful hold on his family. This is the epilogue to Portrait of Marriage, Pam #17.

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