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Ravenna's Dream: A Ravenna Morton Short Story

Ravenna's Dream_A Ravenna Morton Short S

As Christmas approaches, family discord upsets Ravenna Morton’s plans for the usual holiday gathering at her cabin on the Kalamazoo River. After a disappointing Christmas Eve, a visitor in the night guides Ravenna on a path toward healing and self-forgiveness. Surprises come later on Christmas, saving the holiday.
A beautiful companion piece to The Liberation of Ravenna Morton, available on Amazon, and a taste of the sequel, Oh Beautiful, coming soon.

The Liberation of Ravenna Morton


Ravenna's granddaughter travels from New York to the West Michigan coast to meet the family for the first time, and in the process, uncovers secrets that no one wanted to face. The heartbreaking process exposes the truth,
leading to freedom for Ravenna.
Ravenna Morton is a Native American woman living a very old-fashioned life in a primitive cabin at the edge of the Kalamazoo River. Facing modern problems when her lifelong romance with a Greek artist is closely examined by their children after a child she gave up for adoption dies, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton captures the small-town dynamic of a family’s private secrets being exposed to the world. A poignant look at the melding of two Americanized cultures observed under a microscope.

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