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She's Having A Baby

She's Having A Baby.jpg

Mike Saint finally noticed Aisling Murphy when they walked the moonlit beach.

During a graduation party, Mike and Aisling were beachcombing for treasure. “So who is this Saint Dwynwen?” he asked, looking up from the medal they'd found in the sand.

Her eyes glistened in the moonlight, taking Mike’s breath away. “She’s the saint of lovers,” Aisling whispered.

The worst fire season in California history would ultimately test their love.

Special Delivery

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When firefighter Tony Saint laid eyes on EMT Bridget Clark, it was love at first sight.

Not for her so much, but almost.

She was the mother of an infant from a one-night stand, but he didn’t care, and that melted her reluctant heart. The Saints embraced her too, doing everything they were able to welcome her into the family.

Then a surprise would put their love to the test. When the unexpected happened, that love would carry them through any trial.


Bestselling romance author, Suzanne Jenkins, brings you another unforgettable love story!

Charlie Saint

Charlie Saint.jpg

The Saint family joke was that his brothers got the brains and the height, but Charlie got the abs.

Fire Station #34 Battalion Chief Charlie Saint had lived alone for the last year after his ex’s life took a different course than his. He’d given up trying to find companionship again in spite of plenty of admirers.
Lila Connor, fifteen years his junior, was available and looking for a new one night stand. Charlie’s body and head of silver hair belied his age, but she still didn’t know about dating someone that old. They were compatible on the first date, but there was something haunting her in the past that just wouldn’t let her make a commitment to Charlie, and he was ready to commit.

Then a bad judgment call almost cost Charlie his life. Lila made a decision to stick by his side. But in order to go forward, she had to confront that issue from her past.

A Little Change of Plans


Jake Saint, second to the last of the Saint brothers, saw rookie firefighter Geri Angel for the first time and he was immediately attracted. Was it love at first sight?

Misunderstood most of her adult life, Geri's driving goal of becoming a firefighter, being a devoted athlete, her lack of interest in dating and short hair had acquaintances speculating about her sexuality.

But when she saw Jake at the Station #34 that first week, she knew she had to fight the attraction. She must let nothing get in the way of her goal to command a battalion of her own.

A series of events would alter the route, so that although she could still reach her goal, she might be making a detour or two along the way with a little change of plans.


Fire Ball

A career in the NFL or join the local fire company with dad? The final choice is made when Oliver Saint meets trauma nurse Wendy Adams and her dog, Sadie.

Being drafted by an NFL team was the realization of a goal Oliver Saint had set for himself. For the handsome, muscular college junior, he had the choice of either becoming a player in the NFL, or a fireman, following the rest of the Saints. Although he had the greatest respect for the job, he just couldn’t see himself in a life of service to his fellow man. He wanted the accolades of a professional sports career.
His high school sweetheart didn’t want him to leave California if he was a draft pick, but Oliver wasn’t sure that he wanted her to follow him across the county. He wanted the full experience of living in his own apartment in a strange city. That didn’t include domesticity.

Then everything blew up when a serious injury on the field brought trauma nurse Wendy Adams into his life. She’d change everything for Oliver, helping him to make a final choice.


Fire Ball

After a fire almost destroys her house, firefighter Paul Saint lays eyes on curvy girl, teacher Emily Porter and all his imagined roadblocks to love come tumbling down.


Due to his fear of commitment, he doesn’t see marriage in his future. After moving into the old bunkhouse at Red Mountain Ranch, his new next-door neighbor gets out the binoculars and determining he’s available, sends out an SOS to all the local single women.
Paul confirms Emily is the woman for him, to the disappointment of his admirers and disapproval of his family.


Can they find happiness with so much going against them?

Burning for the Nanny

Burning The Nanny.jpg

Roberta and Big Mike Saint’s fourth son, Leonardo, or Leon, is a player. Following in the footsteps of his namesake grandfather, father, uncle and brothers he graduates from the fire academy and is hired at Station #34 where he begins his career as a firefighter.

But during his first week on the job, a surprise visitor, someone he barely remembers from a one-night stand, shows up on his parents’ doorstep with demands he’s not prepared to make, including the possibility that he could jeopardize his position at the firehouse.

Then Ava, a beautiful neighbor with a reputation comes to the rescue. Will Roberta and Big Mike’s animosity toward Ava be enough to discourage Leon from succumbing to her charms? Or will his need for her force him to grow up, once and for all?

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