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Burn District: A Short Story: Prequel to Burn District the Series

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From Award Winning & USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins.


Laura and Mike Davis and their four children build an idyllic life with friends and family nearby in the beautiful Brandywine River Valley. Dreams and goals come to an abrupt end soon after Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast. Discovered in wood soaked by seawater, a virus thought to have the potential to decimate the population becomes the excuse to relocate thousands of citizens from beach towns. Fire is the only known way to eradicate the virus.
Rumors spread that napalm is used to burn without evacuating the people. A neighbor warns Laura and Mike that their town is next as the destruction moves inland. Is it a drastic way to halt the spread of disease, or is there another catalyst?

Burn District 1

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What do you do when the world as you know it ends? Run!
A perfect life slides into horror after a trusting neighbor whispers a warning, and Mike and Laura Davis’s world crumbles. Dreams and goals come to an abrupt end, but a new existence awaits in the future. First, they must find a safe place.

While the government shuts down around them, Mike and Laura hide out in the Arizona desert with family and friends. Looting becomes a way of life. Soon, strangers arrive at their encampment with news from the outside and it doesn't sound good. How long do they have before they must run again?

Be sure to read Burn District: The Short Story Prequel.

Burn District 2

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After the New Year, Jenna Hayward regretfully accepted that she had waited too long to leave Jacksonville for her father's Arizona ranch. An unknown benefactor provided buses for the stragglers last minute exodus. While she waited to board with the other doubters, her sister, Laura, and father, Steve toiled along with the rest of the camp dwellers, attempting to turn the barren desert into a homestead.
At the end of book #1, as they tried to settle in to a new life, waves of pandemonium hitting the camp became the new normal. The camp dwellers asked themselves if they'd found asylum in the desert, or was the illusion of safety a flimsy veil?

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