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Karen lives in the UK with her three children. Her handsome FBI Director ex lives in Manhattan. When his fashion-model girlfriend is invited to walk in London Fashion Week, it it can only lead to trouble, right?

A former marriage is tested to its limits when Michael's team puts a mobster behind bars and no one in his circle of colleagues or his family is safe.

Running With Horses

Running With Horses.jpg

Murder in the Mojave Desert
Moving horses to the high country comes just in time when Mindy and her coffee date witness murder at a Mojave Desert cafe.

But what begins with a horrendous tragedy leads to unexpected romance.

USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins writes a stirring romance about how passion for the wild horses of the west can lead to murder and heartbreak, and finally love.

Slow Dancing

Slow Dancing.jpg

After midnight, a mysterious stranger appears at the edge of the woods and the peaceful life fifteen-year-old Ellen Fisher has with her beloved stepfather Frank is turned upside down. Small town gossip, jealousy and murder strive to tear them apart in a tale of secrets and unrequited love.

The Jade Emperor

Jade Emperor.jpg

The Jade Emperor is a Southern California Book Festival Runner-up, Book Excellence Award Finalist and New Apple Literary Award Official Selection

After a stranger appears on their doorstep late one night, a picture-perfect family takes a side-trip to crazytown in this story of a soldier's last chance at love.

What do twins Kelly and Karen have in common besides the same birthdate? Nothing, except they are inseparable. When a lifelong mystery regarding Kelly's marriage is solved, the fragile relationship she has with Karen begins to fall apart, as do the lives of Kelly and her husband Steve's children.

In the end, as they begin to pick up the pieces, the family comes together in a new way, stronger than ever before.

Someone Like You

Someone Like You.jpg

Life gets in the way as upstate NY sisters, Marley and Abigail cling to each other and their young children. But a babysitter introduces them both to Jay Malik, a medical student from India who becomes their lifeline to happiness, forgiveness and healing. "Another tear-jerker from Jenkins. Have the tissue ready."

Alice's Summertime Adventure

Alice's Summertime Adventure.jpg

We meet Alice Bradshaw when she is at a crossroad. She’s just beaten cancer and is suddenly unsure of what her next move should be. Looking back on where she’s been and what the future may hold, she knows she needs to make a big change in her life. Then her car dies on the highway after an argument with her daughter. Dave, a stranger on a motorcycle, pulls along side her and saves the day. He offers Alice a chance at adventure. She jumps on it, much to the dismay of her children. The adventure starts a chain of events that will have Alice and her children, as well as Dave questioning every aspect of their lives. There will be a few casualties along the way, a lot of anger, life changes and a few shocking surprises. Alice’s Summertime Adventure is the story of an average American family as they struggle with dilemmas we all have, and making choices that aren’t for everyone.


Adult content and LGBT romance.

My Christmas Romance: A Novella

My Christmas Romance.jpg

Twenty-something Cindy Strapopolous accepts that she’ll live a solitary life, just like her maiden aunt Eleni. So when her father dies and she leaves her job in Manhattan to return to the family home in a small Michigan town, an unexpected home improvement project introduces her to Jake, an old friend of dad’s, and she has a change of heart. A few shocking surprises along the way have the power to thwart their chance at love, but Jake is determined that Cindy is going to have the best Christmas ever.

Esmeralda's Happy-Time Cabin for Lost Hikers


Kelly and Jeff Fairchild live a charmed life in their renovated Victorian mansion in the Jersey suburbs. Wall Street traders with a golden touch, they plan their vacations with the same detail and finesse used with their deals on Wall Street.
The next big outing is a hiking trip on an island in the Canadian Muskoka. Everything is perfection, from the brand name of their hiking boots, to their silk long johns. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Night Encounter and Vapor: A Paranormal Duet

Night Encounter_Paranormal Duet.jpg

Night Encounter - A Night Encounter is a very short story about regrets and self-forgiveness. A writer living in isolation in the Canadian Wilderness experiences a life-changing chance encounter.

Vapor - After Cindy's husband admits a painful secret, she discovers a satisfying way to make her presence known. Although it is mostly out of her control, she uses it to its full advantage, almost as good as having X-Ray vision!

Mademoiselle: A Novella


Pipi Wiener has a choice to make – will she follow her exciting dream? Or is there an even greater plan, including everlasting, love waiting for her?
Red hair, her name, a victim of bullying, and the baby of the family has been beautiful Pipi’s excuse for retreating. Then she meets handsome Wax Spencer on the first day of high school. Their friendship is warm and supportive, giving her the room she needs to focus on one goal – getting that dream job in New York City at Mademoiselle Magazine.

But when he falls in love with her, his pride gets in the way of letting her know. Pipi is left hurt and feeling abandoned when he graduates and leaves for college. It will take an act of war to bring them together again.

Christmas with the Clouds

Christmas In The CLouds.jpg

From USA Today Bestselling author Suzanne Jenkins, comes another heartwarming story of love and restoration. Tracy and Brian Cloud live the beautiful life, secure in their love for each other, with a successful marriage, a beautiful child, good-paying jobs, and a lovely home. Then, a few days before Christmas, a knock on the door changes everything. A client becomes a trusted friend, a broken family the backbone of support, and a stranger at the door the gateway to a new life.

Mend Me Mend My Heart: A Novella

Mend Me.jpg

Charlotte Baker, a thirty something widow raising two children, is holding on to the memory of her late husband, Steve. The idea of dating again has never crossed her mind, until she takes a fall at the cemetery where Steve is buried which brings the handsome caretaker to her rescue. Everything seems to be falling into place, including guidance from beyond. Then just as Charlotte thinks she’s hitting her stride, the universe shakes things up and she has to start all over again.

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